SerivceDescriptionHourly Cost
BI and Big Data ConsultingIT teams gather and analyze data to guide business clients in making more informed decisions. Processes often include data mining and predictive modeling.49.00 EUR
Cloud ConsultingCloud consultants highlight opportunities within businesses for cloud computing solutions and audit existing cloud resources to make recommendations for increased efficiency.149.00 EUR
CRM ManagementIT teams utilize data to automate and facilitate customer interactions using a CRM system. 49.00 EUR
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) ConsultingConsultants oversee content management on an enterprise level, allowing clients to better organize and efficiently store content on their websites.149.00 EUR
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ConsultingIT teams consulting on ERP software, which is designed to facilitate resource planning activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, and more.49.00 EUR
IT Strategy ConsultingProvide guidance on improving existing IT processes and strategy while suggesting additional solutions to better business operations.149.00 EUR
IT Staff AugmentationExternal IT teammates are embedded into clients’ internal teams to take IT initiatives at scale.49.00 EUR
Managed Service Providers (MSP)MSP providers offer ongoing IT support to clients, including network security, hosting, and helpdesk services. 149.00 EUR
OtherServices / consulting149.00 EUR
Note: All prices are in EURO without VAT