Unique Concept Ltd. – Your universal partner in automation, sales and IT

Unique Concept Ltd. is a leading company in the development, implementation and maintenance of software products and solutions. In addition, we deal with the systematization of information and the preparation of analyzes in the field of information technology. As an importer, distributor and manufacturer of a variety of products, we offer comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of your business.

A part of our products and services are:

  • Sales Reporting Software and Hardware: Developed by us, these systems provide accurate and reliable information about your operations.
  • Manufacturing automation products: Integrated management and control systems that increase efficiency.
  • Retrofit controllers: Customized solutions for retrofitting existing machinery and equipment.
  • Payment systems in self-service machines: Intelligent systems for safe and convenient payment.
  • Automation of self-service car washes: Systems that ensure high productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Analyzes and systematization of information: Professional preparation of analyzes and optimization of information flows.
  • Other systems: Individual solutions adapted to your specific needs and requirements.